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This page usually contains a drawing of the actual project. Blueprint Reading Fundamentals Blueprint Reading Fundamentals Course Outline Topic Page 1.

Blueprint Symbols Blueprint Symbols Architecture Symbols Floor Plan Symbols

Walls Its pretty obvious that lines in a floor plan represent walls but did you know that each wall type structural normal gable end is represented differently on a floor plan.

How to read structural blueprints. If you are involved in any serious construction work you will want to make sure to read it all thoroughly. What is Included in a Set of Construction Plans. Plan and execute the construction projects.

These plans can be civil plan drawings floor plan drawings roof plan drawings structural plan drawings and even plumbing electrical and mechanical plan drawings. Reading technical structural steel fabrication drawings can be a rather difficult task for people outside the industry. Its easy at that point for your brain to shut down and you just say I cant read blueprints If you tried to read an entire page of words at the same time you couldnt do that either.

Multiview Drawings 89 4. Remember that reading an engineering drawing can take a long time depending on the complexity of the assembly and the experience of the reader. Setting out dimensions for the concrete structure on site.

Steel Building Blueprints Friend or Foe. The structural plans usually are numbered beginning with S as in S 001 These plans include reinforcement foundations slab thicknesses and framing materials lumber concrete pilasters structural steel concrete block etc. Take the time to understand the cover page of your drawings.

Estimate the building projects. Here are a few general approaches to reading blueprints before we go through the details. The intent of this video is to provide ins.

If youre interested in learning more our one-day introductory course will teach you how to read and interpret drawings accurately and have a better understanding of the specific requirements of a project. This Step 2 Read the revision block. In this mini-series were going to cover Construction Blueprints from start to finish.

Novice blueprint readers look at the entire page of words lines and weird symbols and get overwhelmed. Prepare bar bending schedules. There are a few approaches that are best to follow when reading drawings.

Section Views 117 5. Getting to know the scale of the drawings. Read detailed drawings of footings slab beam column staircase etc.

The first thing that anyone should do when they are reading blueprints is to scan the entire plan and then read all the notes and specifications that are included. If youre not in the business reading steel building blueprints can feel next to impossible. A General Approach To Reading Blueprints.

Alphabet of Lines 53 3. Here are the different aspects of the structural plans that you will need to read. Threads and Fasteners 131 6.

Structural Drawings are also used for the preparation of the reinforcement drawings. These often appear at the beginning of any blueprints. A brief tour of a set of structural design drawings for a building from the perspective of a structural engineer.

To know the scale of the drawings means to understand how large or small certain items are in your structural project. Detail the structural. Step 1 Read the title block.

Construction plans blueprints are scaled down representations of the final project at a ratio of the actual size. When construction plans are scaled it helps to put the part into a print size drawing that is easily read by the crew. Get A Good Handle On The Biggest Broadest Most Overall Details First Before Diving Into The Details.

Still as a home or business owner you want to know what youre getting into so here. Reading these drawings isnt as difficult as you might imagine. Follow these steps and youll know most of what you need to know about the drawings.

Structural Drawings would typically include the following information. For example 18 1 one eighth inch equals one foot. Jordan shows you how to understand the key components of a houses structure from the perspective of a builder and an engineer.

Most of the s. The cover page includes a written description of the steel building specifications. The title blocks first section lists the blueprints name number as well as the location site or vendor1 X Research source If the drawing is part of a series this information will also be listed.

However regardless of what they may seem all technical drawings must be clear to people trained to read them of course and very to the point. Simply read our guide below on how common home structures are represented in floor plans and youll be able to figure out everything on your own in no time. Check and inspect reinforcement at the site.

Heres a list of guidance on how to read structural drawings primarily. Showing you guys everything you need to know along the way. But gaining the knowledge you need to understand your steel building project by being able to read the steel building blueprints can save you time and headaches.

It also includes the title block revision block notes drawing scale and. Structural drawings show how the design for a building can maintain the structural integrity of the home in normal and hazardous weather conditions. Any time changes to a buildingsystemcomponent.

Plans sections and elevations showing layout dimensions and levels of all concrete members within the structure. Read the structural plans. Prepare running and the final construction bill.

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